About Linda
I have been involved with training dogs since I was old enough to hold a leash.
Initially I trained and competed in Obedience trials. And THEN I discovered
agility... kind of by accident. My obedience dog at the time was busy raising a
litter of puppies so I thought I would get an obedience title on my Chihuahua
'Spuds'. Problem was, at the time I was working a 2nd shift and couldn't find a
daytime obedience class. There was a new agility club that had formed
locally that held Saturday classes so I thought I would bring him there for
socialization. Though initially 'Spuds' wasn't too enthused about all the weird
obstacles he had to go up, over and through, as his confidence improved he
began to think agility was a blast! We were having so much fun I never did go
back to obedience. That was 17 years ago.

Spuds went on to be the FIRST CHIHUAHUA IN THE USA to achieve a USDAA
Masters Title, he was also the first Chi to achieve the NADAC Elite title. I won
regional competitions to qualify for the USDAA Agility Nationals in Texas
several years in a row with both Spuds and my Papillon April. Over the years I
have titled 8 different dogs in a variety of different 'flavors' of agility including
NADAC, AKC, CPE and TDAA. I've lost track of the number of small dog owners
who told me they were inspired to begin competing with their small dogs after
seeing 'Spuds' run.

I continue to have a special fondness for 'the little guys' and lots of 'little guys' are
drawn to my classes. I also enjoy working with what others may consider 'non
agility dogs'. In the 'old days' you saw a much bigger variety of dogs entered in
competitions. Now many have 'transitioned' to the herding breeds. I love proving
that dogs of most any breed can have fun doing agility.

I have been instructing for 8-10 years now. Though like 'Spuds', I was initially
hesitant about instructing, I soon discovered that I LOVE introducing new people
to this great sport. I take pride in the sense of accomplishment Beginners feel
when they go from never having SEEN agility equipment before, to running short
agility sequences in just 6 weeks. I've been told my love of the sport shines
through in my classes. Students say my enthusiasm, patience and sense of
humor make classes fun, and the high rate of returnees attests to that fact!

If you are looking for a new, fun activity to do with your dog come check out our
agility classes.

I would love to meet you!!