Agility Equipment
Due to popular demand I am now offering agility equipment for sale !

For new students, the tire is often a challenging obstacle. More advanced students
can certainly benefit by having jumps to practice things like Serpentines and
Threadles at home. Most everyone can use extra practice on the weave poles.

Or maybe you don't really care about 'practicing' ... but just want to be able to play
with your dog at home!

Whatever the reason, if you want some basic stuff ... here it is !

Adjustable Practice Jumps

These are great. The bottom bar is fixed at 8" and the jump cups on the top bar
slide up and down so can be set at whatever height you want. What I like best about
these jumps is that they are lightweight and will nest together, allowing you to move
3 or 4 at a time. Handy if you don't want to leave them 'decorating' your lawn all the
time. Mixed colors or you can get them plain white.
$20 Each
4 for $75

Tire Jump
The frame can can be
taken apart for
storage or transport.
The tire 'style' varies.

Only $85

I paid $119 for mine!
Low (2 foot) Dog Walk Bases

Coming soon!
Preview ... same as the ones shown behind the tire above.
Bases only - you get to supply your own boards!

Weave Poles
Coming soon. These will be the kind you stick in the ground.