Agility Classes are our primary focus!
Hope you aren't surprised!

Our main training site is in
Rochester NH, check out a picture of our Agility

I offer Beginner through Competition agility classes.

Class space is limited, so contact me quickly to reserve your spot. I do my best to
be accomodating. Class offerings and times will be set according to interest.

So if you are interested, Contact me and let me know in what class & when, and
I'll do my best to make it work.

Group classes vs. Private class

It's really a personal preference. Group classes are the least expensive option at
$100 for 6 weeks (Competition Classes) or $75 for 4 weeks for Beginner and
Advanced sessions. A group class is a nice social event and night out. You meet
nice people and your dog gets to play, how can it get any better than that! Keep in
mind that it IS a group... so you do have to wait your turn while each dog gets a
chance to work the equipment and take advantage of my undivided attention.
Classes often stay together for long periods of time because after spending 6
weeks encouraging each other, it gets kind of a 'family' (no, no fighting goes on!)
feel to it. Sometimes frendships are formed that extend outside of class.

In a Private Class -
YOU, or perhaps I should say your dog, are the center of attention! You don't have
to wait your turn, so your dog gets to do a LOT of agility. Or you can do some
agility, work on having your dog COME when you call him or learn a neat trick like
'Take a Bow', which will come in handy after your stellar agility run. It's all about
YOU. What most people like is the ability to be flexible and more easily work
class around their schedule.

Trick Classes

I used to teach these at the Stratham SPCA and they were great fun. So far I've
been teaching them here as private sessions, mostly combined with Agility or
Obedience. I'd like to get a group class together, because those were a lot of fun!
Let me know if you are interested.

Some of the tricks we've done.
** High Five
** Wave
** Patty Cake
** Take a Bow
** Spin
** Crawl
** Roll Over
** Doggie Soccer
** 'That Was easy!' (as per the Staples Easy Button)
** Play dead (Bang!)

Obedience Classes

These tend to be private sessions too. Mostly they stem from students who find
some additional obedience skills will come in handy for agility. Often times they
are students with new puppies or students who want to get a good early
foundation before starting agility.

I find it so much easier and less stressful for the dog if they learn obedience skills
in the quiet distraction free environment of a private class and THEN to move up
to a group class to practice in a 'real life' distracting place.

Our training is all positive and reward based, so it's FUN. If you don't tell the dogs
they are 'working' ... then they'll never know!!

Puppy Magic !

Ok, though I don't really have a magic wand, it just SEEMS like it when your
puppy's first learning experience is with a clicker. For as many years as I've used
this great training tool, it still thrills me each and every time the puppy 'Get's it' for
the first time. Puppies are amazing little 'sponges', they learn most anything
quickly. That's good news... and bad news. If you don't teach your pup what you
WANT them to know, they are going to teach themselves some other stuff that
you might not like nearly as much!

Because this method is all positive and I do my puppy intro classes as privates,
you can start as early as 8 weeks. Your puppy doesn't even know he is having a
lesson, he just thinks he is playing a really great game with you! But surprise,
while he is having fun he's also learning to sit politely, lay down, not jump on you
and even to go to his 'place' or crate. Want to learn a few cool tricks while you're
at it - we can do that to, it's YOUR class.