Contact & Mailing List
I'm easiest to reach by email.

Of course these days with 'big brother' monitoring our mail, occasionally emails
end up filed in the spam box - or worse still, I find Metrocast tends to just feed
them to the 'cyber shredder' - Poof Gone! I'm usually pretty quick with responses,
so if you don't hear from me, try again or give me a call. I'm not ignoring you ...
honest !

If you'd rather call, feel free to do that. More than likely I'll be outside with the dogs
or teaching a lesson or class, but leave a message and I'll get back to you as
soon as I can.

Not interested in taking a class right now but are giving the idea some
thought ?

I keep a mailing list of people who are interested or potentially interested in
taking an agility class. When I start a new class or workshop I give everybody a
quick blast to let them know what and when.

Put -
'Add me to your Agility Mailing List' in the subject box - and I will!

To contact me by phone - 603-335-1470
Any questions on our classes ?