My small dogs get a couple teaspoons a day as maintenance. Should they happen
to have some sort of health issue (rare) I'll give them a tablespoon or two. Most
people with bigger (mostly healthy) dogs give them a tablespoon to a couple
ounces. You can use more as needed. I once had someone tell me when her dog
was first diagnosed with a brain tumor she was giving him TNJ instead of water!
Other than the slight potential for de-tox with a high dose, there are no side-effects.

It's not available in stores, so I order it online, I can usually get it in a week or less.
More than a few 'copies' now exist, but I haven't had good results with them at all!

I was first introduced to TNJ (Tahitian Noni Juice) about 8 years ago when my old
competition Chihuahua 'Spuds' was experiencing some serious pain from either
arthritis or a pinched nerve.

The only solution my 'traditional' vet could offer me was a supply of Rimadyl (little
did I know then how bad that was for his liver). I tried it for awhile, but it really didn't
seem to make a whole lot of difference.

Someone recommended accupuncture ... so we then gave that a try. WOW - this
DID make a big difference. It was obvious he was feeling much better by the time
we left the office. Though repeated visits made him MUCH more comfortable, he
still couldn't fully lift his head ... so it looked like our agility days were over.

About that same time, one of my other dogs was experiencing some problems with
her hindquarters giving out on her. With high hopes, I took her for accupuncture too,
but it didn't seem to make much of a difference for her. : (

Shortly thereafter, my friend Donna called me raving about some weird juice she
was taking that totally eliminated the pain and range of motion problems she had
been having from a shoulder impingement. Seeing as 2 different doctors told her
that the only solution for this was surgery (she'd already tried PT, accupuncture,
chiropractic & even steroids) she was understandably excited.

Fate? Hmmmmm, I wondered if this stuff would work on dogs ... after checking it
out, I found that it would. I figured that at worse, (unlike Rimadyl) at least it wouldn't
hurt them! Though I was skeptical, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I
thought we'd give it a try.

I wasn't skeptical for long! Within a week the dog whose hindquarters kept
collapsing on her was near 100%. Spuds showed steady improvement, but took
awhile longer. We were able to go back to agility though and compete for quite
awhile longer.

Though I am much more likely to spend money on the dogs then myself, I eventually
started taking it as well. I was totally shocked when I was out cutting the grass one
day and it suddenly occurred to that I hadn't had to load up on Benedryl to ward off
the sneezing and itchy eyes. My allergies haven't bothered me since! Very cool, as
I love to be outside and seasonal allergies had been a problem for YEARS.

Great stuff! I can't say enough good things about it.

I've personally seen this help -
* Arthritis
* Pinched Nerve
* Shoulder Impingement
* ALLERGIES (several students AND their dogs)
* Much quicker healing from injuries
* Liver failure
* Renal failure (from failure to normal in a couple weeks!)
* Stroke
* Digestive Issues
* Cancer
Over the years probably much more than that, but those were the most
memorable. I guess the bottom line for me is that in the time span I've been
giving my dogsTNJ, their average lifespan has gone from 9-12 years to
14-16 years. And for the most part, they were healthy active years with little
sign of arthritis.