Private Instruction
Why would I want a private class?
Just a few reasons might be ...

A class session has already started and you don't want to wait up to 6
weeks for the start of the next one.

The scheduled time for the group class doesn't work for you.

Your dog has issues with other dogs.

You want to work at your own pace.

You want the instructors undivided attention !

You want help with some other (non-agility) training skills.
Individual 45 minute lessons - $30

4 Wk Private Agility session (45 minute classes) - $110

We can generally cover as much or MORE (depending on the dog) in a 4 week
private session as we can in a 6 week group session. In a private session you don't
have to wait your turn ... it's all about YOU!

It used to be that private sessions were rare. For one, I really didn't have the
time to offer them!
That meant that they tended to be limited to dogs who had
aggression issues toward other dogs and didn't do well in a group class, but still
wanted to have fun with agility.

This summer I am pleased to announce that dogtraining and web design have
become full time jobs. This means I can now offer evening, DAYTIME and even
occasional week-end private session time slots.

As private sessions have increased, I find that even
I had failed to realize their
value for ANY dog, not just the ones with issues! Often times, private sessions
are even MORE fun than group classes! If your dog pulls around other dogs, there
are no other dogs! Even better, the 45 minute class is ALL YOURS, so we can
take some time to work on pulling. Your dog loves the tunnels best ... we can give
him extra tunnels. Looking towards competition and your dog is struggling with
the see-saw, weave poles, contacts or whatever... we can concentrate on that!

Want something fun to do with your dog between classes? I can spend part of
your class showing you a trick you can work on in between sessions.

Another reason people tend to choose private lessons is with today's busy
schedules, they just don't have 6 free Wednesday's, Thursdays (or whatever night
group class happens to be) in a row!

With private sessions, not only is the 45 minute time slot yours to do WHAT you
please, but you also get to choose WHEN you are going to do it! (OK, before you
get too carried away ... sessions are limited to available time slots!)