Student Feedback
Hi Linda,

Just wanted to thank you for teaching Dallas and I soooooo much!
Who knew at 5 1/2 years old my "babie" could learn new tricks and
overcome some fears? Class has been alot of fun for both of us,
he just loves doing agility. We should be ready for competition
soon! Thank you for being so patient and working with us to help
Dallas be less afraid. You make learning FUN! We have learned
alot and become quite a team. We look forward to class every
week. Thank you again. You are AWESOME.

Sheri and Dallas (Pomeranian)

Maggie Mae my English Setter was starting to get into trouble
when she was about 2 years old b/c I wasnít working her mind as
much as she needed so I looked online for something we can do
together. That is when I got into agility. I didnít have a clue as to
what to expect but found that Linda is a wonderful teacher and
can work with humans as well as dogs (even ones with ADD like
me and Maggie). We have been training with Linda for about 3
years now and love going to class each week and learning new
things. I have found that Maggie and I have a better relationship,
Maggie is a more confident dog and truly looks forward to class
every week.

Adriane & Maggie (English Setter)

Agility makes it fun and easy for your dog to do things right and
get rewarded. (Much more fun than obedience class.)

You may think you know your dog, but you might learn surprising
things. We've always called Captain our ADD dog--either Attention
Deficit Disorder or All Dog Dog, but he is so attentive in agility it's
incredible. He just loves it. For the first time he's better at
something than his brothers.

Marsha & Captain (English Setter)
(Marsha took her first class with Rosa & has returned with each of
Rosa's 3 sons!)

Hi Linda,

I wanted to tell you that I'm really glad we found this class.
Although Rose is young, and very excitable around other dogs...
that's because I'm constantly bringing her to dog parks and on
walks off leash where she gets to play a lot. I wanted to make
sure she was well socialized around other dogs and all kinds of
people so that Eric and I can bring her anywhere we want/need
to. This class has been great for me because it forces me to keep
her on leash and focused (as much as possible) and she needs
that! I already felt like she was much better Monday than last
week. I didn't think it would tire her out as much as it actually
has... that's probably because she is working on the obstacles and
the mental work is just as good for her!

Thanks again and see you in 2 weeks!

Katie & Rosie (Lab)