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Trick Training
With winter coming soon, keeping your dog exercised and having something
to do together becomes a bit more challenging. You might be surprised to
learn that exercising your dogs brain can be every bit as 'tiring' as physical
exercise for the high energy dog.

If you have an older dog, a dog not suited to agility or you yourself are not up
to, or interested in the physical activity of agility, trick training is a blast! And
trick training can be done indoors and without equipment. My dogs are
always excited when they realize they are going to get a training session - and
I'll admit that I do alot of our training while sitting on the couch. How cool is

Like agility, trick training is a lot of fun and really helps your dog learn to work
with you. I love watching the dogs 'figure out' what I want. And, OK, impressing
your family and friends with what a clever dog you have is fun too.

Currently I am offering Trick Lessons as private sessions but am looking to do
a small group session soon. Drop me a note if you are interested.

Also in the works are trick lessons you can do at home via video. (The joys of
technology!) While you lose the 'feedback/critique' that I am able to offer in a
hands-on class, you do get the opportunity to do the lesson without leaving
home and to go back and watch it again should you get stuck.
Wait !
After you've watched Chip, but before you follow his instructions...
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Chip has offered to show off a couple of his tricks.
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Hi Linda,

That really was a lot of fun. I am pumped. I think I might be
more proficient at Clicker Tricks than agility- though I do
enjoy the agility.

You are so good at what you do and am so glad that
Bonnie referred me to you. It has certainly enriched both
mine and Miss M's life!!

Deb & Maggie